The Blog Post About The Book

April 2021

In 1986, Mets left fielder George Foster was believed to call the team racist, and was released. In 2020, Mets left fielder Dominic Smith protested…

March 2021

What reads like heresy a week before seems natural and good now

February 2021

Like, a Huge-r Amount Than Previous.
We have all agreed on lies before, why not this one?
Broken the zip again. Drowning in my id.
My disappoint can be best described as de maximis.
SEO joke. You love it.
There will be a full, normal slate of baseball games this season, know. JD Davis made history. Darryl Strawberry YouTube censorship! Top 10…
Two MLB players said important things. Michael Conforto said some things. (Virtually) hug a Rockies fan if you know one. Rickey Henderson and a dog that…